Of all the spiritual disciplines in the Christian life there is no denying the absolute centrality of Bible reading. By God’s design, reading His inspired, living, and active word is essential. Though studying your Bible is perhaps more important, this post deals primarily with reading the Bible.

There are a number of reading plans available on the web, each of which provides a specific format or period of time in which to read the Scriptures through. Most reading plans provide a schedule for reading the Bible once per year. One of these schedules is organized by The Navigators and is available here. A schedule like this requires reading about 3 or 4 chapters per day. Since reading one chapter takes about 3 minutes, a one year reading plan requires 9-12 minutes. This is great, but you may find yourself wanting to go a bit further. Posted here is a schedule that turns up the intensity a bit and hopefully maximizes the benefits of discipline along the way.

Here is my 60-Day Bible Reading Plan. By redeeming the time, you can read your Bible 60 to 90 minutes each day. If the average person spends at least 4 hours in leisure (television, gaming, facebook, etc.), there is no reason to think that you cannot discipline your day to include an hour and a half for your Bible. The good news is this added discipline will position you to read the Bible 6 times in a year. Reading more of the Bible in this way allow you not only to take in more Scripture (obviously), but it will also allow you to read the Scriptures in context. By reading an entire book at one time, your ability to keep the context in mind greatly improves. Likewise, this plan will also reduce your forgetfulness between readings.

That’s it. I hope this reading plan will prove fruitful for you.

60-day Bible Reading Plan
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