My name is Rush. For over a decade, this site has been a place to write about theology, family, and the rest of life. It’s been a good place to lay down a few words at a time…until all content was lost in a crash.

Who am I?
I imperfectly love Jesus, my wife and five children, and my church (in lovely Bexley, OH). I also enjoy my work at P&R Publishing, where I help authors develop counseling-related books with lasting value to the Church. As a pastor and Christian, my highest affections belong to the gospel of Jesus, the Bible, reformed theology, biblical counseling, presuppositional apologetics, expository preaching, and local church ministry as a whole.

Given my present love of books, it’s funny to think I read not one entire book from grade school through college, relying on deception and charm to make it along. In seminary things changed; words, sentences, and books became a helpful, healthy obsession.

I’ve written two books which will be available soon. Follow here to learn when and where to get them.



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