Yea, many that are accounted powerful preachers spend all their zeal in the earnest pressing the immediate practice of the law, without any discovery of the effectual means of performance – as if the works of righteousness were like those servile employments that need no skill and artifice at all, but industry and activity. That you may not stumble at the threshold of a religious life by this common oversight, I shall endeavour to make you sensible that it is not enough for you to know the matter and reason of your duty, but that you are also to learn the powerful and effectual means of performance before you can successfully apply yourselves to immediate practice. -Walter Marshall (1628-1680), The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Just as no one can be saved without the effectual work of God’s regenerating grace, no one can sanctified without the effectual means of God’s enabling grace. As Christians, we would do well to pursue a deeper appreciation of this supernatural strength and ability that is necessary to live a Christian life. How will you grow in this today?

Gospel Mediations: Walter Marshall (1628-1680), The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
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