I have long loved amazon Kindle books. They are weightless, inexpensive (usually), and out of reach by small children who love to tear the pages. I have progressed ever-so-slowly from the earliest iterations of the Amazon reading devices until now I actually own an iPad. I read Kindle books on my iphone and computer as well, via the Kindle for PC/iphone/etc apps.

I have also loved for longer real paper books. In some ways I prefer the real paper books, but as technology improves, my preference diminishes. Just today, I learned of a new update to the Kindle’s software which might boost my preferences even further toward electronic reading: Amazon Page Flip.

One of the ways I have long thought paperback books to be better was one’s ability to quickly cycle through the real pages, to find a memorable place. In the Kindle reader, I only knew how to flip page by page. But under the new update, I can hop, skim, and jump across the pages; and then easily return to my starting point. Anyone amazon-phile will immediately say something like “oooh!” Yes, this is a big help.

See it in action here as a modern grandmotherly figure shames some kid waiting for the train:

Page Flip on Kindle

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