In Acts 16:31-34, three common phases of Gospel ministry emerge from the text. These three phases can be seen throughout the daily ministry of Paul’s life, not to mention throughout the history of the Church. First, the Gospel is proclaimed. Second, the Gospel is believed by God’s elect. Third, the people of God rejoice in Christ and His good news. Let’s consider vs 31-34 more closely so we can become more familiar with this progressive work in and around the good news of Jesus. … Continue ReadingTHREE PHASES OF GOSPEL MINISTRY


A recent Bible study included a discussion around the relationship between commitment and compliance. In essence, we considered the difference between having commitment to Christ and merely complying with His commands and ways. The conversation was clarifying for me, as I considered how often I’m content merely checking spiritual boxes, without much real interaction with or focus on the glory and pleasure of Christ. … Continue ReadingTHE MYTH OF COMPLIANCE


My wife had the brilliant idea that we should date our kids. In fact, most of the good ideas come from her (she’s always thinking). It sounds a little weird: date the kids. But it’s brought some rich blessings to our family. Here’s a summary of what we are doing and 3 benefits we enjoy from it. … Continue ReadingDATING THE KIDS


The Church has many eyes and needs all of them. In a fallen world like ours – a world infected with corrupting sin and scheming sinners – Christians face many troubles. Jesus was clear, “In this world you will have trouble.” And is it any wonder? Our three ancient foes – sin, death, and Satan – are hell bent to punish and destroy the Church, if they may. A tireless trio of division and conflict. … Continue ReadingWOLVES BEWARE