This Book is about Sins.

Not the ugly, notorious sins we have come to know and hate. But the little, daily sins.

The snail-sized sin habits that slither undetected in the shadows and eat up our lives from the inside out.

This book is about the sins that nag us, resist our spiritual treatments, and persist beyond all our measures to contain them. The subtle sins. The respectable and acceptable sins. The resilient and relentless sins.


Learn how you can enter into your struggle against destructive daily habits, understand your needs in the fight, and bring Christ and His provisions to bear upon your beliefs and desires—equipping yourself to gradually kill the unkillable.

Christians need to fight both big, obvious sins and commonplace, familiar sins—which can sneak in and become the hardest to kill of all. Pastor and counselor Rush Witt defines such diehard sins, presents an understandable overall doctrine of sin, and lays out a method for change that pits Christ and his provisions against the subtle, elusive sins that seem so unkillable.

Engaging stories, good theology, and practical life application makes 
Diehard Sins an excellent resource for …
Personal Growth     –     Small Group Study     –      Counseling     –     Discipleship     –      and more.

Personal Counseling Journal by Rush Witt and Greg Savage
The insights gained during biblical counseling can be your most profound for spiritual growth — they shouldn’t be jotted down on scraps of paper and lost! This specially designed counseling journal is suitable for up to twelve counseling sessions enabling you to keep track of dates and locations, complete assignments, and reflect on lessons learned. It includes plenty of note-taking pages, an extensive topical Scripture index, and recommended resources.

A Strategy for Incorporating Biblical Counseling in North American Church Plants
There has been little interaction between the biblical counseling and church planting movements, which have been developing in parallel over the past fifty years. This book explains how to strengthen church plants by incorporating a three-part strategy for biblical counseling; how to evaluate, appoint, and train counseling leaders; and how small-group ministry helps to establish a foundation of soul-care in the new congregation.