5 min to read I peruse my newsfeed every morning. I find news about the election, details about COVID advances, wildfires in the west. But recently, a series of articles caught my attention. The articles issue warnings about pastors quitting ministry. I haven’t posted or shared any of these articles on social media because I anticipate they will blow back with people saying (or just thinking) pastors are out there whining again. That might sound like a far-fetched, groundless …

Choose Church Wisely


8 min to read After my church’s most recent new member class, I reflected on the importance of choosing a church home. God designed the local church as the center of truth and energy for the Christian life. No other membership holds broader impact on a person or family than a local church, with many fingers of influence reaching into every area of life.


2 min to read Tomorrow we begin our slow return to regular corporate worship at Paramount Church! I’m thankful for church members who have expressed in text, and email, and in person their support, understanding, love, and joyful cooperation during a challenging time for the church. They have honored, supported, encouraged, advised, spoken well of, defended, and spoken well of their leaders. Pastors experience unique challenges in the midst of these troubles, and grace-filled church members make the difference. …

Wolves Beware


2 min to read The Church has many eyes and needs all of them. In a fallen world like ours – a world infected with corrupting sin and scheming sinners – Christians face many troubles. Jesus was clear, “In this world you will have trouble.” And is it any wonder? Our three ancient foes – sin, death, and Satan – are hell bent to punish and destroy the Church, if they may. A tireless trio of division and conflict.