Since people often mistake it, my name is Rush. Not Russ. Not Rich. Not Clarence (one person insisted on calling me that). Actually, my full name is Rushton, but I go by Rush. (A little strange, sure.)

Most importantly, I’m a Christian. Specifically, I’m a protestant, reformed, evangelical Christian. I love the local church, the Five Solas of the Reformation, the doctrines of grace (commonly referred to as Calvinism), biblical counseling, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have an excellent wife and five energetic children. We enjoy the city pool in the summer, the snow in the winter, and at other times fishing from a tiny boat. Alongside pastoral responsibilities at my church, I serve as Acquisitions Editor for New Growth Press (that means I help authors get published), and I’m also a volunteer chaplain for the local police force. One of my other joys is serving ACBC as a certified counselor and supervision Fellow. I love the craft of writing articles and books. You can learn more about my books here.

Let’s Be Honest

This blog–like me–is mediocre at best. I tried to excel in many things, but I never reached extra-ordinary status. I’m a mediocre husband, dad, pastor, author, athlete, and blogger. It’s not self-deprecating; it’s true. And I’m perfectly happy with it. I joyfully seek to glorify God, but I’ve come to grips with the reality that most likely I’ll glorify Him in ordinary (mediocre) ways. This blog is one of these ways. I blog about books, counseling, christian living, and other interests. Thanks for visiting.

adjective me·​di·​o·​cre | \ ˌmē-dē-ˈō-kər  \
of moderate or average quality, value, ability, or performanceORDINARYSO-SO
this blog is mediocre

MYNAMEISRUSH.COM started in 2007, but suffered a catastrophic crash. We must rise again.

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