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Watching him made me ask, “am I watching me?” I remember a time when I was studying at the library and I saw an older man sitting at another table. He was reading a newspaper. Then he put down the paper and pressed two fingers against his carotid artery. With his other hand he held up his wristwatch long enough to determine his heart rate. He gazed into space with contemplation. He was taking account of his current vitals and thinking about them. After a while, his head dropped and he returned to the daily news.

The simple scene at the library reminded me of my need for a healthy self-awareness of my own spiritual vitals.

What about you? When do you check the pulse of your heart for Christ? Do you feel the regular, strong beats of a heart growing in the truth, grace, supremacy, and knowledge of God? If not, why? What changes should we make with Godโ€™s help, to be more attuned to our own heart health?

Start by asking good questions. For starters, here are thirty-four questions from David Powlison.

โ€œWatch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.โ€ โ€“ Proverbs 4:23