Rush Journal

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Our world needs unity in diversity. We need an answer to the question , “how can ‘the many’ diverse people be brought into ‘the one’ unified crowd?” It is the problem of the one and the many.

The answer can only be found in the God of the Bible and His revealed purposes for our world. The Triune God is the ultimate answer to the question. He, Himself, is the ultimate unity in diversity; three distinct Persons in one united fellowship.

We see He is the answer when we look at creation. In His world we find example after example of unity in diversity; in every tree lush with a diversity of leaves, every cloud full of countless rain drops, every creature made of intricate parts all working in unison.

Most profoundly, we see He is the answer in the Gospel of His Son. Only the sacrificial, saving, life-changing power of the Gospel will bring together the many kinds of people as one. Political platforms won’t do it. Government policies won’t do it. Education won’t do it. Campaigns of kindness won’t do it. None of these can transcend the fundamental and fallen differences between the people of the world. None of these can reach deep enough into the problem of human sin, where the problem of disunity lives.

Only the Gospel can transcend an entire world in need. Only the Gospel can solve the conflicts so embedded in our souls. This is why Jesus came; sent by the Father, in the power of the Spirit. The One-and-the-Many God ever works to unify many into one. And one day His work to bring many nations together will be complete; a diversity of people worshipping around His throne, fellowshipping around His table. A rainbow of colors in a choir of languages singing as one the riches of His grace. This will be heaven.

How can the many diverse people of the world enjoy unity as one? It can only happen as they stake their lives on Jesus and His good news. He is the answer to our problem of the one and the many.