A New Book Coming

A New Book Coming

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I felt the full weight of book writing. But with a lot of help from my favorite publisher, New Growth Press, a new book will release in September. I Want to Escape: Reaching for Hope When Life Is Too Much focuses on our tendency to seek escape from hard things. When the pressures of life overwhelm us and we despair of the end, we all hear within us the voice of escape, whispering which way may lead us out into a quick relief. Sometimes we seek escape in denial of our problems, or distraction from from. Other times we tend to blame and deflect. When things get really hard, we even contemplate death as the ultimate escape.

Like me, you need hope in these times. I Want to Escape delivers hope and help for this common tendency.

Writing during the pandemic proved to be an enormous challenge. Strangely, I wanted to escape writing much of the time because the pressures of pandemic decisions and political wranglings were wearing me down. I imagine this book bears some of the scars of that time for me, and hopefully it’s the better for it.

The book passed through a few re-writes and iterations on the way to its final state, again, much to the credit of great editorial direction, correction, and help.

Pre-order now on Amazon or wherever new books are sold. Good, bad, or ugly, please leave a review on Amazon. It helps move the book forward to more readers.