Today, I’ve been thinking about a question I have asked and been asked. “Does a Christian need to earn the right to share the gospel with another person.” I hope my answer to this question has improved and deepened over the years. This is a one of those important questions which ought not be simply and quickly answered, because there’s more than meets the eye. I’ll try to answer it clearly. … Continue ReadingEARNING THE RIGHT


In Acts 16:31-34, three common phases of Gospel ministry emerge from the text. These three phases can be seen throughout the daily ministry of Paul’s life, not to mention throughout the history of the Church. First, the Gospel is proclaimed. Second, the Gospel is believed by God’s elect. Third, the people of God rejoice in Christ and His good news. Let’s consider vs 31-34 more closely so we can become more familiar with this progressive work in and around the good news of Jesus. … Continue ReadingTHREE PHASES OF GOSPEL MINISTRY